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Steeple Chase: Conclusion

Game Date: 07-30-2010 Start: We start off at Davenport’s books. Neil (Michael’s char) is out of town. He has been called off on an important case. It is currently 11am.

We start throwing out ideas about what we are going to do and Shaylee simply gets up to leave. She is worried about her parents. Lothario is concerned about letting her go alone so he goes with her. Michael throws her the keys to his Jag and tells them to be back by 4. The rest of us look incredulous at each other.

We are talking about what we are going to do and Ty gets a call and then seems very upset and runs out the door, transforming as he is running. We got the idea that the pack was in danger so we decide to head to the University (Sonoma State).

Nieman wants to go to his place to get some ingredients to help with this confrontation. Roxanne was going to go with Nieman but she get this overwhelming feeling that we MUST give the werewolf support or he, and all his pack members will be killed. I tell Michael and Neiman about it. Michael picks up Ty’s cloths and finds his keys so we have his car to get to the University to give Ty some backup. Neiman continues to go to his place because he really needs these ingredients. So Michael and Roxanne hop in Ty’s car and we try to find Ty on the way, since he is going to get there in a couple of hours on foot even in wolf form!

Michael performs a tracking spell and so Roxanne drives Ty’s car while Michael is pointing the way to go. We pull up along side Ty and open the door so he can hop in and we continue to the university. Michael had grabbed Ty’s clothes on the way out the door so Ty can turn back into a human and have clothes to wear when he turns back.

Ty is trying to call some of his pack at Michael’s suggestion. Lily picks up and Ty tells her to head to the campus because the pack is being attacked by Corbin. The campus is mostly deserted.

When we are about five minutes from the campus, Michael casts an evocation. Michael wants to be let off about five minutes from the campus. He wants to fly up and see if he can get an overview of what is going on. Roxanne lets him off and she continues on in Ty’s car with him in the back. Michael says he will send off a flare when he finds the location of the fray, and if he can’t find anything, we all meet at the dorms where Ty lives. Roxanne nods and drives off.

Ty lives in the older section of the dorms, in the back by the creek.

Michael notices there are a bunch of downed security guards in the area. People in uniforms are sprawled around on the ground. There is a pack of three animals (presumably wolves). One of them is dragging one of the others. One is darting in and out among the pillars, harassing a figure that is walking toward the pair. There is a human that looks like he is yelling.

Michael starts floating down toward the disturbance. Roxanne drives as close as she can get, then she stops and gets out of the car. Ty transforms again into his wolf form and heads toward the noise with Roxanne running behind him.

Michael throws a lightening spell at Corbin. Roxanne and Ty see the flash of the spell and so we can pinpoint the location of Corbin and the pack. Corbin shakes off the bolt and turns around and makes a quick little slashing gesture with his hand. Michael feels a cool breeze behind him. He is able to resist the effects, but he feels frost forming on his face. The plants behind Michael are all frozen. He sidesteps and the wolf that was coming at Corbin flies by him and lands near Michael’s feet.

As Ty and Roxanne come on the scene, they notice Michael and the pack members and Corbin. Michael creates a vortex of air, attempting to spin Corbin to immobilize him so he can’t move. He is trying to make Corbin disoriented and nauseous. Michael is successful in the attack. Corbin is definitely disoriented.

Lothario moves up and whacks Corbin in the head. He can move supernaturally fast. He knocks Corbin down onto one knee. Ty, wolf form, runs up to Corbin and attacks him.

Neiman arrives and uses his gun to attack Corbin. Michael attempts to channel Earth and tries to draw up mud from the ground to engulf Corbin and dry it in place, holding him immobile. The spell works and Corbin is encased in mud and immobilized, although Michael starts giggling uncontrolablly. The rest of us have no idea what Michael finds so funny and figure it is one of his usual eccentric oddities. Roxanne calls to the spirits to come and help hold Corbin to extend the duration of his immobilization.

Corbin counter-attacks and the ground opens up under the still laughing Michael and then closes after he falls into the hole. Michael is trapped without air. Lothario circles around Corbin and attacks. He manages to evade Lothario’s attack but it looks like it took him a lot of effort to do so.

Michael tries to escape his predicament, whilst giggling insanely. He fails. Roxanne attempts to get spirits to scare Corbin. She pulls off the spell but he shakes it off, effortlessly. Her attack has no effect. He just looks at the spirit and talks to it.

Corbin says “inter” and the earth swallows him up and he disappears. He is still hampered by my spirits but he has some control. Lothario hangs out close to where Corbin disappeared into the ground.

Corbin tunnels underground and we lose him. He gets away. In the distance we hear sirens coming this way. So we head to Ty’s dorm room to hide until the cops leave. Michael still has the giggles. He giggles insanely as he pulls a vial out of his pocket and drinks it and the giggling is gone instantly.

After we hide out until about 2pm. At this time, we get evacuated from the area. We head back to Michael’s. We figure out that Corbin was going West, presumably back to his home.

We are discussing where Corbin’s next murder might be. Neiman and Michael are looking at a map and he seems to be drawing a pentacle on the town- using churches. There are two churches that might be his next target. In one church a metal crucifix was taken, in another the silverware, in another the chalice. Michael now knows what spell he is doing. There is a metal mask- called the blasphemer’s veil- it gives the wearer power. He is trying to create this mask. Michael’s sources do not agree on what the power would be. We have one month before he ritually kills again.

The detective makes a suggestion- keep someone unobtrusive keeping an eye on Corbins place.

After a couple of days of preparing. Nieman and Michael do a drive by and look at Corbin’s wards- to see if we can dismantle them. Michael and Nieman are able to take down his wards- and we go in to look around. Corbin has left this place and it is no longer his home. It is obvious that he has been melting down the metal from the churches. What he has of the mask so far is missing. We find smelting equipment and tools. He did a very good job of not leaving any personal effects of his behind as he knows we can use it against him.

There is some furniture. And there is a pile of ash so we know he burned stuff. Upstairs on the wall opposite the stairs, Shaylee finds a japanese painting of the chinese zodiac. We notice that the rooster is prominent and at the top of the rotation.

Shaylee tells us what they found out at her parents house- they found a scratch paper that said “new rooster night” not sure if it is “Knew” or “new” and “night” or Knight.

Next session will take place one week after the events of this game session. End of Steeple Chase. We each receive a significant milestone- we get one additional skill rank.



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