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Steeple Chase: Part 2

Game Date: May 28th Game setting: There is front page article about a murder that has occurred at the Church of the Roses, a Presbyterian Church. The body was hung above the pulpit. This is breaking news and the victim has not been identified yet. This murder is similar to the first killing that we heard about.

Neil O’Connor is involved in the case. He has just moved here from Chicago and was hired to investigate the first murder.

After their investigations last night, Neiman and Roxanne decide to crash at her place for a while. When they wake up, they head to Starbuck’s for coffee. They head to the one at the Barnes & Noble that Neiman works at. After they get coffee they are planning to go head to the Church that was the site of the latest murder to see if Roxanne can find any spirits to talk to that might have insight into the murders.

Neil happens to be at the Starbucks and he walks up to me and introduces himself to Roxanne and she remembers him as a person she worked with in the past.

Neil has been hired to investigate the murder at Stony Point Church, which is exactly the same case that Neiman and Roxanne are working on.

Back at Davenport Books, Michael decides to summon a demon to get information. He sets up his ritual and summons Thalastius by name. A serpent-like being forms and uncoils solidifying from mists into a solid form. The demon is covered in spines, similar to a sea urchin. There are about 10 tentacle-like fingers on each hand. The legs merge together and then un-merge morphing into one, two and then several and back again. The demon swirls about the circle in the container, testing the confines of the circle. He bounces back when he hits the edge of the circle. He appears to be annoyed at the confines of the circle.

Meanwhile Neiman, Neil and Roxanne head over to the Church of the Roses to investigate the latest murder. Roxanne is hoping to find spirits there that might want to talk to her. Roxanne and Neiman hop into Neiman’s car and head over and Neil takes his own car and meets them at the Church.

When they arrive, Roxanne looks at the church, sweeping over the property, looking for spirits who might want to talk to her. She is not doing anything special but is just open to communicating with any spirits that might want to talk. The ghost of a little girl comes up to her. She is wearing old fashioned clothes probably about the mid 1800s. The girl comes up to Roxanne but can’t speak. She motions that she wishes to communicate with Roxanne. She seems very upset and is crying. She motions to her throat and waves her arms around. “singing?”, Roxanne inquires. She nods. “arm?” “tattoos on arm?” she nods. “Man with tattooed arm killed a singer?” she nods. She motions again. Neiman and Neil listen to this one-sided game of charades, trying to figure it out.

Roxanne gets the idea that nothing is left of the singer, not even his spirit. The man that killed the singer killed him completely destroying his spirit in the process. There is no way Roxanne can contact the spirit of the murder victim. The girl ghost motions again. “You have seen a lot?” she nods. “But this man with the tattoos scares you?” She nods and trembles. “Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you?” “You have been waiting here?” “for your mother?” Roxanne tells the girl spirit that she will see if she can find her mother and tell her mother that she is here at the church waiting for her. She indicates she wants a hug and Roxanne hugs her and tell her it will be ok.

The choir singer was murdered on Sunday, May 30, 2010. The first victim died on May 11.

Roxanne mentions that the stalker that Shayle has sounds like this guy that is killing people. Neil asks Roxanne where Shaylee works and she tells him. He quickly excuses himself and rushes off.

Neiman and Roxanne then head to Michael’s to let him know what they have found out and also see if he has further information. He tells us that the killer is an Outsider. We hang out for a bit and then Shaylee shows up and tells us that this police investigator (Neil) had shown up at her work, and was waiting for her when she got off. He had told her about the tattooed man that had been stalking her and feels that she might be in grave danger.

Michael tries to find some information but unfortunately, doesn’t have much information on Outsiders.

Neil has been watching this area for a while and suspects that the Michael is the person that came into possession of the Shultz library.

Neil has access to police databases and will check those out to see if he can find any further information on the tattooed man. Michael believes that the last murder happened about 11:30 and he knows that a ritual occurred at the same time. At the termination of the ritual he believes the body was killed.

The first victim was female the second was male. The ritual murders also take place in different churches and different denominations. Michael and Neil both realize that the first of the killings, the one on the 11th, was the night of the new moon and that the second, on the 27th, was the night of the full moon.

Neil finds a photo of a dead guy from the morgue that has a tattoo extending down the arm in a similar fashion to our suspect. Neil requests all the morgue pictures of this particular man.

Michael suddenly jumps up and says that there is something he must do, he rushes out, throws us a key and tells us to lock up when we leave. We hear the bells ring as he runs out the door, and we hear his Jag start up and he drives off, obviously in a hurry. Lothario runs after Michael out the door.

Michael realizes they need a book: The Book of Counted Sorrows.

The man that was in the morgue with the tattoos, is an initiate and perhaps has been re-animated. He has read this Book of Counted Sorrows.



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