Dresdan santa rosa

Steeple Chase: Prelude

A night in the gave yard

On a late may night a group of people converge on The Odd Fellows Cemetery for different purposes.

Roxanne has come at the behest of the Cemetery association to investigate a spat of vandalism that they have begun to believe has supernatural origins. She has brought along a friend of hers, a sorcerer named Niemen. Lothario Leoni is in the graveyard against his will, a friends of a friends girl friend thought would be fun to hang out there at night. Micheal is there for an investigation of his own, he has tracked down references in the Schultz library to a mystery over 100 years old connected with the death of three wardens. There investigations and revelries were soon to be interrupted however when a couple of lothario’s friends wander off in to a stand of trees for some alone time. Soon screams are heard and the visitors to the graveyard go to investigate. they find that the young couple has been attacked by a ghoul. A brief fight ensues but is quickly ended by Neiman when he unleashes a powerful blast of fire leaving nothing but ash of the ghoul.

Micheal decided to take a closer look at the people who were in the fight with him and opens his sight. After gathering information about these strangers and some not so strangers he is distracted by the dark energy of a large ritual being cast somewhere in down town Santa Rosa. Some force in the magic becomes aware of him as well before he passes out from the sight.



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