Neiman Bergdorf

Very clean cut, tall, sharp looking, always in style, but has his traditional attire for some reason when he's in deep shit.


High Concept: Mystic Gunsmith

Trouble Concept: Fey Relic Barer

Phase One: Studious Outdoors-man

Phase Two: Skills In Demand

Phase Three: Very Broad Answers, Non-committed Answers

Phase Four: Trust by The White Counsel ?

Phase Five: Trouble Looking For Me


Name: Neiman Karl Bergdorf (The name is based on fashion like myself)

Age: 26

Height: 5’11

Hair: Brown

Eye: Blue

Weight: 180lbs

Neiman is from a the high class wealthy society of Mill Valley in Marin County, being that Mill Valley is a very green it suits the fact he is very outdoorsy. Mill Valley is very lush and green and full redwoods making the morning perfect to stair into a void. Neiman’s household is somewhat secluded from the rest of the neighbors, the houses are already almost a 1/10 of a miles from each other. The house is facing Muir Woods which is just radiant looking with the right amount of sun and foggy haze.

The only person that Neiman trusts is his best friend Roxanne, the only reason he seems to somewhat tag along with whatever battles happen is because Roxanne wants to help other’s unlike himself. Roxanne is the only person that is close to him within the group, but there is one other who he will protect and that’s Freja.

Neiman Bergdorf

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