Lilly "lil" Guiles

The little bubble of joy and happy.....that is until you make her mad...then its death.


High concept:

Cheery with a side of Mad


From Around These Parts.


A Man She Loves.



Lilly was born in Petaluma. She attended school K-12 there, after which she started attending SSU. She came into her “wolf” at the age of 13. She was then told about her family’s long history of the wolf. She is currently studying theater at SSU. Is currently dating Alex.


Lilly is a bubbly person. Oh so almost to a fault. She is always willing to help someone in need and is always there with a helpful answer. Generally cheery disposition will fly right out the window if people she loves (i.e. the pack) are in trouble.

Lilly "lil" Guiles

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